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Welcome to the new site

Published on 28 September 2008

It's been a long time coming, but I have finally rebuilt the site! For the past two and a half years the site has been neglected with just a basic holding page - no longer!

The purpose of this new site is for me to explore my interest in generative and mathematical art. In the spirit of open-source and online collaboration I intend on sharing much of the source code for the experiments here.

Getting started

  • Gumowski-Mira Patterns. A Flash experiment that lets you play around with this strange attractor and generate a wide variety or organic marine looking images.
  • Aliasing patterns. Make your eyes go funny with this interactive experiment that generates pixel aliasing patterns.
  • Simple attractors. An Adobe Air application that lets you visually explore two mathematical attractor equations and save the resulting renderings as PNG images.
  • Harmonograph. Create intricate patterns with the Harmonograph explorer.

I also have another big project in the pipeline that will be launching soon ;-) For now there is more to see in the blog archive and gallery.

About the site

This site is built on the 'Clever Monkey System', which is a Ruby on Rails based content management system we developed at tictoc. The 'CMS' is now in its sixth revision and powers over one hundred and forty sites at tictoc.

  Last updated: 3 October 2008